The Best Football Betting System

Experienced football betting professionals are probably aware of most of the betting strategies used to play the odds and have usually chosen one or two which they feel suits their style the most. But, when it comes to new gamblers, it may take quite a while before you find the right strategy. It is a fact that different people may have a varying definition of the right strategy but the general definition would involve safe bets with minimum risk. 

Since you will not be able to find any definite answer as far as the best football betting system is concerned, I am going to go through a few of the best strategies out there:


1. Best winnings system- This system has the highest chance of earning you money. It is also known as scorecast betting. All you have to do is predict the current outcome of a football match along with the score line. As you will see, this is quite complicated and it is very difficult for an amateur to make the correct prediction. It is very important that you understand the various advantages favouring each team and the disadvantages against them. You will also need to account for variable factors like new players, new managers, etc. This is quite a risky strategy as well since you will lose a lot of money if you're wrong. You could choose to go with half time score betting as well, like in case with judi bola. This has a much higher success rate since you will only have to predict the score at half time.

2. Best investment system- If you use a system called spread betting, you can guarantee that you get the highest returns for your investment. There is a very simple reason behind this. The more bets you place, the more the percentage of bets you will get correct. Another advantage with spread betting is that you don't have to pay taxes on your earnings. So you could say that the only real issue when it comes to spread betting is placing the right bet.


3. Safe system- When it comes to football betting, you could say that the safest system is the each way system. There is very little risk involved with this strategy. But you don't stand to win too much money if you are right either. What happens here is that you bet a certain amount of your money on a particular outcome for a match while betting the rest of your money against the opposite result. So you see you won't earn too much money if you're right, but you won't lose a lot of money if you're wrong either.

These are 3 of the most commonly used betting systems in the world of football betting. If you choose the first strategy, you better be ready for heavy losses, but the other 2 strategies are quite safe. As far as winnings are concerned, the first strategy will give you the most winnings while the other two will give you moderate earnings, like judi online. Choose wisely.